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We provide a complete range of services directly related to software development, including web, mobile and ecommerce development in addition to useful services for business, agencies and big clientes such as cloud services

Web Development

Actually, the web is the core not only of our work, but also of most digital services, solutions and products used by business, startups, agencies and general public. We provide modern web applications and system with a complete frontend and backend implementation, using technologies trusted by the largest companies and web products, such as React.js and Next.js in the frontend side, and PHP, Laravel, Node.js and Nest.js in the backend side, next to popular and useful libraries, technologies and frameworks such as Apollo GraphQL, Redux, Express.js, among a long list of others useful technologies.

Main technologies


Mobile Development

The mobile app ecosystem is one of those that currently represents the highest growth of end-users adoption across many industries, that is why at Growich we work to transform business models, ideas and strategies to successful results in the mobile world. We provide a complete mobile app development services with multiplatform support since day one, thanks to using modern technologies in mobile development such as React Native and Flutter, in addition to generating mobile experiences from sites and web systems through PWA.

Main technologies

React Native

Ecommerce Development

Actually, the ecommerce is a must-have sale channel for almost any business industry. We work side by side with our clients to implement an ecommerce strategy to their business, not just thinking about selling products in internet, but also adapting the complete strategy to their business, including needed features for both potential customers and seller. We work with most used and supperted ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Prestashop and Magento, to guarantee support for third party services such as payments and shipping services and providing features that most restricted platforms do not allow us.

Main technologies


Cloud Services

Large numbers of companies and businesses have begun to migrate to cloud solutions and services, allowing them to focus on their own businesses and delegate configuration and maintenance work without sacrificing scalability, customization, and adaptability. At Growich we help all types of clients to migrate to the cloud and take advantage of the services and solutions that facilitate their work flow and needs, from web servers, storage and emails, to collaborative and business management tools.

Main technologies

Google Cloud

A quick look at our development process


Project Study

Transforming ideas to strategies

Each project is different, that is why we study and plan each functionality, requirement and step to follow to deliver the best possible product or service.

Meeting and brief study

A meeting and brief study allows us know what does our client is looking for and what approach we should have.

Requeriments identification

Based on the information obtained and analyzed, we define every technical requirement of the project.

Strategy definition

We will study the project to suggest improvements using our experience, defining the strategy to follow.


UI/UX Design

Designing satisfying experiences

The design is one of the most important steps in almost every development project, our work not only focuses on a delightful design but also a satisfying user experience.

Structure definition

We create wireframes and mockups of layout, elements and components needed to define the structure of the project.

Design and prototype

We make a delightful and consistent design and prototyping, adapted to the brand design guidelines.

Optimization of UX

When every aspect of the project is designed, we optimize it thinking in a satisfying user experience.



Making the project a reality

We develop modern tech products and solutions using development stacks that meets all the project requeriment thinking in scalability and long lifespan.

Choice of stack

We define the stack, dependencies and utilities we will use to reach our goal in the most efficient and scalable way.

Coding features

We built modern software implementing agile methodologies and working side by side with our clients.

Optimization and QA

After coding required features, we do a complete software optimization, with analyzing the code and QA.


Deploy and Support

Last step, long-time support

The development doesn't end with deploy, we provide long support and help for our clients with focus on quick response and problem solving.

Servers and cloud

We setup and configure servers and cloud ready to production, focusing on resource optimization and security.

Push to production

We deploy the development to production, including a last QA scenario to resolve all possible problems in time.

Support and help

We provide long-time support and helpt to our clients in all our products, solutions and services offered.

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At Growich, we have no problems to work with small, medium or large clients and projects. Send us your inquiries, tell us about the projects you want to make a reality or the services you are interested in.

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