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Veinsoft is an online store for PC Gamer parts, it started as a personal business but quickly increased the number of orders and requests due to the high demand in the sector thanks to factors such as the quarantine and the home office. Its only sales channels were direct sales and through social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, however as the number of available products and orders grew, the need for a better organization, sales channels and management systems became evident.

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Studying the project and thinking about current needs, future expectations and the approach to follow of the project, it was proposed to develop the ecommerce platform using the Wordpress + WooCommerce, a system that allowed us to customize all the aspects that the project required and delegating the development of features that did not require specific functionalities and developed from scratch. Therefore, the development of the project was relatively short, dedicating part of it to the UI/UX design of the site with a Mobile-First approach and adapted to the brand image of Veinsoft.

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Once the planning, design, development and testing stages are completed, we deploy the development to production and accessible to the general public. By studying the final result we not only determine the fulfillment of the project requirements at the development level, but also having as a result one of the best and most careful UI / UX in the PC Gamer products sales industry, including even competitors with years of experience and largest sales in the country.


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Ecommerce development for gamer PC hardware store

Ecommerce development for gamer PC hardware store

We design and develop an ecommerce platform for Veinsoft, a PC Hardware store focused on gamers. Providing tools and features required by its growing business.

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